We are the best Immigration counselling firm in Spain.

The founder of Gestoría Bocanegra, Ricardo Bocanegra, is directly responsible for the management of the Immigration Department. He personally supervises and is involved in all cases that require greater attention.

More than 25,000 foreigners of all nationalities guarantee that in the more than 38 years of existence, Bocanegra is the best company in Spain in the field of Immigration. Our main concern has always been foreigners.

Each and every one of the foreigners that enter our office, if they meet the requirements to achieve what they wish, are guaranteed the commitment and experience of our staff to achieve their goal.

This way of working is the reason for our great success ranking in our more than 38 years of existence. Being a family business, as well as being very close, means that we assume our clients’ problems as if they were our own. For this reason, on many occasions throughout our working life we have had to defend the interests of groups of foreigners before the different State Administrations, thus making the Spanish Administrations aware of the real problems that foreign citizens face in our country.

The Federation of Foreigners’ Associations of the Costa del Sol (FAECOSOL), founded by Ricardo Bocanegra, was constituted in order to have a platform of foreign citizens from which to support and defend the rights of foreigners in Spain.

Specialisation in this field has led him to defend the rights of foreigners beyond professional services. In this sense, awareness campaigns have been created in our professional office in order to guarantee foreign residents’ right to vote.

Somos la gestoría número uno de España en Extranjería.

La dirección del Departamento de Extranjeros es responsabilidad directa de su fundador Ricardo Bocanegra, quien personalmente supervisa y se involucra en todos aquellos expedientes que requieran mayor dificultad.

Más de 12.000 extranjeros de todas las nacionalidades del mundo avalan que en los 35 años de existencia, el despacho Bocanegra es el más importante de España en materia de Extranjería. Desde siempre nuestra mayor preocupación han sido los extranjeros.

Todos y cada uno de los extranjeros que entran en nuestro despacho, si reúne los requisitos para conseguir sus deseos, tienen asegurado, el empeño y la experiencia de nuestro personal para conseguirlo.

De esa forma de trabajar nos viene el gran ranking de éxitos cosechados en los 35 años de existencia. Al ser una empresa familiar y muy cercana, los problemas de nuestros clientes se asumen como propios. Por ello, en muchas ocasiones a lo largo de nuestra vida laboral hemos tenido que defender los intereses de colectivos de extranjeros ante las distintas Administraciones del Estado, consiguiendo con ello que la Administración tome conciencia de los problemas reales que tienen los ciudadanos extranjeros en nuestro país.

La Federación de Asociaciones de Extranjeros de la Costa del Sol, creada por Ricardo Bocanegra, se constituyó con el fin de tener una plataforma de ciudadanos extranjeros desde la cual se pudiera apoyar y defender los derechos de los extranjeros en España.

La especialización en este campo le ha llevado a defender los derechos de los extranjeros más allá de los servicios profesionales. En este sentido desde nuestro despacho profesional se han iniciado campañas de concienciación para garantizar el derecho al voto de los residentes extranjeros.


BREXIT – Processing of residence permits for British citizens

Application for family card for EU residents

Work permits for both the self-employed and employees

(residence permit
for exceptional circumstances)

Non-lucrative residence permits

Administrative and consular procedures related to immigration

Family reunification

Legalisation and translation of official documents in Spanish organisations

BREXIT - Tramitación de permisos de residencia a ciudadanos británicos

Permisos de trabajo por cuenta propia y cuenta ajena

Permisos de residencia no lucrativa

Reagrupación familiar

Solicitud de tarjeta de familiares de residentes comunitarios

Arraigo (permiso de residencia por circunstancias excepcionales)

Trámites administrativos y consulares relacionados con extranjeros

Legalización y traducción de documentos oficiales
en organismos de España



Our staff is key to our work. Foreigners feel at home when they step over the threshold into our offices. From the moment they become our clients, they become part of our big family, advising them, helping them with their problems and making them our own.

A foreigner in Marbella will never feel helpless in our offices. We physically accompany them throughout the processing of their case, from the moment they enter our offices until the last step at the police station.


We inform clients on how to apply for a work permit and what the requirements are to apply for a foreigners’ work permit in Spain. Residence permit for EU and non-EU foreigners. Residence permit for EU family members or children born in Spain.


We provide our clients with all the information they need on how to legalise documents in Spain, how to do and present an invitation letter for foreigners, etc.



Asesoría jurídica


We provide assistance in civil law cases, divorces, buying and selling property, wills, nationality appeals, alimony, workers' defence. We carry out all the procedures as legal advisors for companies or individuals.

Asesoría laboral


Employment counselling services for companies, SMEs and the self-employed. Employment management solutions for companies and the management of household employees, contracts, payrolls, social security registration and insurance. We help you to regularise all matters relating to the world of work.

Bocanegra Asesoría Fiscal


We offer tax management services for companies and accounts, handling all tax procedures or income tax returns, offering complete services such as counselling and tax advice for companies, entrepreneurs, SMEs, the self-employed and individuals.