Foreigners are our priority.

If you can be a resident in Spain, we will be 100% dedicated to achieving it

Our motto is to never give up


Gestoría Bocanegra opened its doors in April 1982. Its founder, Ricardo Bocanegra Sánchez, saw the need and demand from foreigners trying to legalise their situation in Spain.

In the eighties, nobody considered this need, so Bocanegra decided to launch a company in which its main objective was to provide solutions to all the problems that could arise for any foreign citizen who wished to settle in Spain and, more specifically, on the Costa del Sol and in Marbella.

For this purpose, he opened a small office in one of the rooms of the former San Nicolás Hotel on Avenida Ricardo Soriano, now the Salamanca building. From there he began to make himself known through many newspaper articles and interviews on the radio and on the first local television channels throughout the Costa del Sol. His studious, serene and meticulous spirit led him not only to solve problems that had become bogged down in bureaucracy, but also to provide solutions to the Spanish Administrations themselves.

Back then, his team were his own brothers, which for foreigners was seen as something unique, so a whole family of young people attended to all the needs of the public.

The spirit that prevailed and still prevails in the Bocanegra team was, and still is, that any foreigner who has an administrative problem and comes to their offices can be assured that a whole human and intellectual machine is set in motion to try to solve it.

Therefore, after more than 40 years, we can say that:

We were founded and have grown in conjunction with the development of the immigration industry in Spain. We are one of few Spanish firms that, since our creation, have specialised in this field and, in this sense, we have not only been supporting and fighting for the interests of our foreign clients, but, on many occasions, we have made the Spanish Administrations see a reality that we were aware of in our daily practice. In this way, our opinions and proposals are contributing to improve the conditions of foreigners in Spain.

Nowadays, after so many years of work, we continue in the same direction, being on the forefront of any novelties in terms of foreigners. This positions us as the number one immigration firm in Spain.


Some of the achievements accomplished by the Bocanegra firm are listed below. However, the firm has had a lot of influence on foreign affairs and on defending foreigners who want to live in and enjoy our country:

The actual exemption from vehicle import taxes for British citizens transferring their residence to Spain.

Amendment to the draft law on the taxation of tourist registrations, which came to be known as Enmienda Bocanegra [the Bocanegra Amendment].

European Commission warning requiring Spanish authorities to correctly apply EU legislation on the acquisition of residence permits following a complaint made by Bocanegra.

Various ideas and proposals accepted by the Government in laws such as the Ley de Regularización de Extranjeros [Spanish Foreigners’ Regularisation Law], the Reglamento de la Ley de Extranjería [Regulation of the Spanish Immigration Law], the recent Ley de Emprendedores [Spanish Entrepreneurs’ Law], and other general regulations, with letters of thanks from the Spanish Government.

More recently, the acceptance of a proposal to allow foreigners whose residence cards expired outside Spain during the state of alarm to enter Spain with their expired residence cards.